Songbirds: The Arts in Prison Training Manual

Penny Eames
a PSE Consultancy Publication

From the Forward

People who have the responsibility for managing prisons and correctional facilities throughout the world are being asked to manage costs and rising incarceration rates while at the same time improve outcomes for society and for prisons.  

This manual is designed to encourage prison authorities to set up arts programmes.  The arts are powerful tools that have been proven in giving inmates skills to enable them to peacefully reintegrate into society.  Hopefully these skills will also encourage inmates to stay away from crime when they leave prison or are sentenced to community services.

This training manual is based on Penny Eames' experiences mainly through working in the corrections and justice systems with inmates and staff in New Zealand, but also internationally.  

This manual is called Songbirds and refers to the beauty that singing brings to South African prisons.  Inmates are often called "jail birds" - hence the metaphor.



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Resource Type: Report
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Author: Penny Eames, a PSE Consultancy Publication
ISBN: 978-0-9582736-2-6
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Publisher Year: April 2007
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